Stage performer Jordan Malone shares her magical laser eye surgery experience in Brisbane

Brisbane performer Jordan Malone talks about her laser eye surgery experience with VSON and explains how the procedure has transformed her life

Jordan Malone: “Hello, I am Jordan Malone. I live in Brisbane, Queensland. I’d had glasses since I was about five years old. All I knew was blurry vision and always had to wear contacts or glasses, no matter where I was.

There was this one time where I was on stage and one of them fell out. That has happened a few times to me. Very annoying to have to worry about that when you just want to do your work. That was kind of the turning point for me where I was like: No, I want laser eye surgery.

As soon as I had my first consultation, I knew that I wanted to do it at VSON.

They treat you so well. They give you chocolates. They said they’re compulsory.

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It just happened so quickly, like it’s seriously magic. It’s amazing.

When I was in the car on the way home after my surgery, I was trying to keep my eyes closed and much as I could, but I was having some peaks to test my vision and see if I could see signs and I could see. I could literally see everything.

I literally woke up and I could just see the ceiling. Then I went outside and looked at all the trees and it was so green and colourful. It was a very special morning.

You don’t understand how amazing it is until you’ve had it done and you can actually function with this 20/20 vision. Don’t know why you wouldn’t do it.”

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