What are the risks of LASIK?

Dr. Matthew Russell explains the LASIK risk statistics

LASIK surgery has excellent safety profiles and very high success rates overall, but like any surgery, there are some risks associated with this laser vision correction procedure.5It’s important you know about these risks before electing to undergo the procedure (or any medical procedure, for that matter).

Raising the flap

One of them is that in very rare cases – in about one in a thousand – we may not be able to raise the flap during the procedure. In that case, we have to stop and come back three to four months after surgery when that partial flap is healed and continue the LASIK procedure then.

Some other possible side effects, albeit not long-term effects include dry eyes, glare, halos and starbursts.



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Folds in the flap

The next day following laser, there is a very small number of patients, about 1%, where there are microscopic little folds in the flap that need to be smoothed out, which is a relatively simple process.

Once that’s done, the laser flap is typically stable, and the vision returns to being excellent.

Infection and loss of vision

As far as things that can seriously affect the vision, such as infection, the risk for those types of problems is less than one in 20,000.

The risk of losing vision altogether in the eye from laser is less than one in 3 million.6

Those are very, very, very rare cases which only ever occur in a small number of LASIK patients in the millions of surgeries that have been done since the laser was developed in the early 1990s.

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