10 jobs you can do better after laser eye surgery

The benefits of laser eye surgery can vastly improve the way you do your job. Many people who would benefit from laser eye surgery work in jobs that require good vision. However, some don’t seek out the procedure, and their work suffers for it.

Not pursuing laser eye surgery can also keep you from pursuing the career of your dreams. Without high-quality vision, there are many jobs that you can’t get.

This article discusses the benefits of laser eye surgery for workers. You’ll find out how you could improve your professional life by improving your vision with laser eye surgery.

1. Medical professionals

When our patients ask, “Who should get laser eye surgery?” We immediately think of “We should!”. For surgeons and medical professionals, good eyesight is essential. We need to be able to see the smallest areas to suture or perform microsurgery. Our eyesight can make all the difference in life-altering situations, putting it at the top jobs that you can do better after laser eye surgery.

2. Pilots

Next on our list of jobs that require good vision are pilots. This occupation carries a lot of responsibility for the safety of passengers. To even become a pilot, you need 20/20 vision. So if you’re dependent on glasses or contacts to see, and becoming a pilot is a dream of yours, you should seriously consider laser eye surgery. As a pilot, there are certain considerations before and after surgery you need to be aware of. Check out this laser and refractive surgery advice from the Australian Civil Aviation Authority for more details.

3. Astronauts

Like pilots, astronauts need to have great vision. But, becoming an astronaut is such an extensive process, and finding quality candidates with good vision can be difficult. Someone with a great academic and professional background may lack the necessary eyesight and vice versa. The good news is that NASA approved all-laser LASIK (the type we offer, not with a blade) for astronauts.

4. First responders

First responders – firefighters and law enforcement officers – greatly benefit from laser eye surgery. These professionals are often in situations where they need to observe and react quickly to what’s going on around them. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the best conditions to see in. Smoke and darkness can make it difficult to do their jobs well. With laser eye surgery, first responders are better prepared to do their job of keeping people safe. Read this article by Fire Recruitment Australia to see what they suggest.

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5. Artists

The benefits of laser eye surgery also extend to artists and photographers. Poor vision can make working on detailed projects difficult and lead to eye strain. After laser eye surgery, artists are often able to achieve a greater level of detail. They can concentrate for extended periods without eye-related headaches.

6. Office workers

A lot of office work involves reading, which means a lot of straining if you have poor eyesight. Spending your 8-hour day pouring over small print you can’t see well is exhausting enough. However, when that small print contains important information, there’s a greater risk of mistakes.3

Working after laser eye surgery may help office workers stay focused since their eyes won’t be straining as hard. This also relates to better attention to detail, which could improve your overall quality of work, too.

7. Computer technicians

Computer technicians are a prime example of people who would benefit from better vision through laser eye surgery. Their job involves staring at computer screens all day. Like with other laser eye surgery occupations, computer technicians face eye strain. This strain may cause headaches, blurred vision, and even light sensitivity. Improving your vision with laser eye surgery can help you avoid headaches and stay focused when it counts.

8. Construction workers

For construction workers, safety should always be of the utmost importance. However, this can be difficult for those with vision impairments. Construction workers who need glasses struggle to wear safety glasses. They either have to find special equipment to accommodate their glasses or remove them altogether. The latter of the two options can cause serious safety risks for everyone at a construction site. One of the benefits of laser eye surgery is that you won’t need to wear your glasses anymore. This makes wearing safety glasses much easier.

9. Lifeguards

Lifeguards are also on our list of the top laser eye surgery occupations. Not only do they have to deal with the sun in their eyes, but they also have to watch over swimmers that are far away and difficult to see. The former issue can make it difficult to wear normal eyeglasses when sunglasses are needed. Or there’s the predicament of finding contacts that won’t react to water in a rescue situation.

10. Parents

Parents have a lot to deal with. Trying to keep track of young children and their activities is exhausting enough. However, doing so while keeping track of your glasses only adds to this exhaustion.

Parents can enjoy the benefits of laser eye surgery, including not having to deal with glasses and being more vigilant. While parents are known to delay their own needs in favour of their children’s needs, this is one procedure you shouldn’t put off.

Reach your potential with laser eye surgery

If your job would be improved by less eye strain and more freedom from the limitations of glasses and contact lenses, you should consider laser eye surgery.

Start the process by discovering your suitability with a free assessment. Book your appointment today.

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