Can laser eye surgery fix astigmatism?

Most people are aware of long-sightedness and short-sightedness. But not everyone knows about astigmatism. Approximately 1.4 million Australians struggle with this vision defect. It may also be present alongside shortsightedness, but not always.

What causes this refractive error? What are the symptoms? Can you get refractive surgery for astigmatism?
Let’s find out!

What is astigmatism?

The ideal eye should be round. Unfortunately, most of us do not have perfect eyes. In reality, most people have an eye with astigmatism to some degree or another.

When the eyeball isn’t round, the cornea bends the light that passes through at odd angles. This means the light will not fall on the focal point in the eye. This causes blurry and distorted vision of objects at all distances. This may result in eyestrain and headaches for some people. Astigmatism symptoms can be more obvious at night, causing halos around light rays.

Most people are born with astigmatism. Although, it is possible to develop the problem after eye surgery, injury, or eye disease.

How can you fix astigmatism?

You can wear glasses or contact lenses to correct the issue. But, if you dislike the idea of wearing corrective lenses for the rest of your life, for instance, you might suffer with dry eyes and wish to seek an alternative, you can instead have eye treatment such as laser vision correction or SmartSight, that ensures you rid yourself of astigmatism and other vision corrective issues, with a dramatically faster healing rate, comfort level and a return to normal life.

With laser vision correction i.e. LASIK eye surgery, we remove small amounts of the front surface of the cornea to give it the correct curvature. This reshapes the cornea and ensures that it bends light in such a way that it falls on the correct point, so your vision is clear.

It is not necessary to be long-sighted or short-sighted to have surgery. You can have surgical procedures to correct astigmatism even if you don’t suffer with nearsightedness or farsightedness. The cost of this surgery is the same as for any other type of laser eye surgery.

If you have astigmatism and cataracts, we can correct both at the same time with a lens implant. For more information about astigmatism correction surgery, why not book an initial assessment.

Is laser eye surgery for astigmatism safe?

Millions of people have undergone the procedure with few complications and excellent results.5 As technology improves, side effects are becoming even less common. Results are effective and long term, although not everyone sees 20/20 after the procedure.

Interested in laser eye surgery for astigmatism?

Laser eye surgery for astigmatism is a safe, effective procedure.6 Yet, choosing an eye doctor who has ample experience is still important.

Are you considering this procedure to correct your vision? Reach out to us here at VSON in the heart of Brisbane for an in-person consultation.

Our experts will assess your eyes and make a clear recommendation for the health of your eyes.

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